The Academy
The Boca Raton Academy specializes in preparing young women from China to pass the GED test, earn a high school diploma and enter college in America.
Boca Raton Academy offers a safe, supportive environment where young Chinese women learn modern, colloquial English and, if qualified, advance to standardized test preparation courses and receive two-year or four-year college admissions assistance.
Because sports promote physical fitness, team building and social interactions, the Boca Raton Academy’s academic program is complemented by athletics.
Boca Raton is a safe city of 86,000 people located on south Florida's Atlantic coast. Boca Raton offers a warm, sunny climate throughout the entire year.
Boca Raton Academy students live at Boca West, a 1400 acre gated community located in Boca Raton, Florida.
Classes are conducted in comfortable, well-lighted classrooms.
Students live in a gated community with 24 hour security.
Safety and Security

Boca Raton Academy understands that the safety and security of students is paramount. Parents are justifiably concerned about sending their daughters to study at an institution located in another country, far from home.

Boca Raton Academy takes the following steps to safeguard the safety of our students:
  • Students at the Boca Raton Academy live at Boca West, a gated community with 24 hour security.
  • Upon arrival, students are given a thorough safety and security briefing.
  • Students are subject to a curfew that is strictly enforced.
  • A native Mandarin speaking house mother enforces curfew and is available to assist students on a 24 hour basis.
  • Each student is issued a GPS-enabled mobile phone that they must carry with them at all times.
    • The phone is preprogrammed with emergency and key staff phone numbers.
    • If a student carrying their phone as required travels to any unauthorized area, the phone automatically notifies Boca Raton Academy staff of their location.
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