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The Boca Raton Academy specializes in preparing young women from China to pass the GED test, earn a high school diploma and enter college in America. The Academy also offers English and cultural immersion programs, TOEFL preparation, SAT preparation and two-year and four-year college admissions assistance. All instruction is provided in English by native English speakers in a safe, supportive environment where young Chinese women learn modern, colloquial English.

General Educational Development (GED) Test Preparation

The Boca Raton Academy prepares students to pass all five phases of the GED test, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Reading and Mathematics. After passing the five phases of the test, the student earns an American high school diploma.

The Academy tailors its program to each student's specific needs. Incoming students are tested in each of the five GED phases. They are encourged to quickly take the offical tests in phases where they are strong while receiving extensive, personalized instruction in area where they need additional support. The result is a positive learning experience that produces a positive outcome for students in as little time as possible.

English and Cultural Immersion

Boca Raton Academy offers a supportive environment where students learn modern, colloquial English. All instruction is provided in English by qualified native English speakers. Students are required to use English when they speak to each other during Academy activities and encouraged to talk among themselves in English during personal time. Formal classroom instruction is supplemented by quality programming and recreational activities outside of the classroom. These activities may include, as appropriate to the season, visiting Disney World and other tourist attractions, attending professional and college sporting events, tours of museums and government facilities, going to local parks and volunteering at community non-profit organizations. All of these activities are conducted in English and offer the chance for students to interact with a diverse mix of native English speakers…more>>

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Preparation
At the Boca Raton Academy, preparing students to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is about more than their achieving an acceptable score – it’s also about their thriving in the classroom, social, cultural and business environments they’ll encounter in their lives after the test.

SAT Reasoning Test (SAT) Preparation

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Boca Raton Academy assists students who demonstrate excellent academic performance and who earn exceptional standardized test scores in gaining admission to community college or four-year university, depending on the individual student’s credentials.

Two-Year College Admission Assistance

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Four-Year University Admission Assistance

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To learn more about the Boca Raton Academy’s academic programs, please complete our information request form.

Classrooms are always staffed by a certified educator and prefessional
Security and safety is one of our key advantages over other schools.
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Security and safety is one of our key advantages over other schools.
The Academy
This is where to begin to advance to a US College and gain a GED
This is where to begin to advance to a US College and gain a GED and TOEFL
We help with secure housing for all our students
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